Prototypes are important, so is sharing.

Unlike some artists, I share the prototypes I am working on, sharing the idea behind a piece before actually sharing the piece itself. There is a reason for this, and it might be rather embarrassing for me to state...

I talk a lot. Without a studio I can invite people to chat I end up having a lot of meandering conversations and there is always this danger that someone else will take an idea and run with it before I can get around to actually testing it and using it myself.

Yeah, I know: shocking. It's not every artist that will 'get' the fundamentals and use them in their own work. In fact, I would say that Calgary has one of the most respectful communities of idea-sharing-creative people I have seen. Yet there are those whom you are regularly warned about.

So you can do one of two things: never-share, or over-share.

I prefer the latter. In fact, I really want to come up with a technical idea and get a lot of other artists to come ups with ways to use that idea and assist them for a show. It a more complicated version of getting multiple artists to draw a tree, but with similar results.

Instead of several identical drawings of a tree, you end up with several interpretations of it.

This idea would be the same concept, but it is the technique that is shared, not the subject matter.
Just an idea. Anyways, these are some examples of a Pepper's Ghost inside a diorama built at 1:12 scale. Still working on it, but I need a visual example of the concept for a portfolio. I realize there are some technicalities to work on, but there were complications with the room I was doing this (and the programming was done in only three hours) but this proof of concept works.

This is a video of some of the results (unedited as yet: I'm too busy writing for now)