Inspirational Accidents

Sometimes, while working on a concept for one piece of work, you end up discovering an idea for another piece of work.
This is a model I was working on to test an idea for a Pepper's Ghost. Basically, one would see themselves inside the model as they bent to look into it. Instead of the static elements used in many miniatures or models there are scanned representations. I have tested this with projection mapping using pico projectors as well.
For this particular one I was interested in exploring the use of the Pepper's Ghost. The same concept and design that many holographic systems are based on.

That was the intent of the model, at least. I noticed that the sunlight was hitting the model one day and explored a different concept, as seen in the bottom image. This is just a depiction of how exploration of a concept can lead to something unexpected.

Of course, it requires work, and I am afraid I cannot divulge any of the extended design, but just accept the fact that my use of architectural or diorama models will be developed further than I expected.