Homesteads Prototype

The Homesteads are site specific recreations of locations where homesteads once were in rural Alberta. Degrading farmsteads that dwindle from houses and barns to granaries and shelters and finally to crumbling foundations. As I grew up in rural Alberta I remember seeing many sites, both homesteads and once burgeoning industrial activities such as coal mines or grain elevators. Towns of commerce dwindling to rumours of a main street among farms.

To recreate these locations I am determined to use only the welcoming motif of that welcoming light in the distance, seen from the highway as the only indication of human habitation. For this project those lights will be in the shape of windows, placed in locations similar to the ones I remember from my childhood, where crumbling buildings were all that remained of the families that grew up on the prairies.

These images are prototypes of the process, designed to allow an exploration of the effect. They are comprised of a grid of squares of reflective tape, arranged to be almost invisible without a light upon them. Further explorations of materials will allow a more generative source of light but these images are only meant to evoke the idea as a concept for repopulating landscapes since devolved to fields.

These images were created in Nose Hill, 2015.