A selfie a day

At the beginning of 2014 I decided to maintain an artistic drive through creating a selfie a day. I gave myself the goal of creating a mask for each day, as well as dedicated myself to using one particular camera (iphone) app (hipstamatic) and 'filter' (the tintype lens/film combo)

While I missed the goal of doing it for 365 days, I managed to complete 66 images. For each image I had a title/text which accompanied it, and they were shared on social media. I did share some on tumblr, and eventually I printed a few out for a show/sale using metallic paper at 4 inches square.

These are how some of them appeared.

What lies beneath.

Do your ears have wings?

Don't let them speak for you.

As you consume the internet, the internet consumes you.

A gilded muzzle is still a muzzle, Mr. Harper.

What if the sea fought back?

You control the wool, don't pull it over your own eyes.

See through your rulers, and be heard above them, not through them.

Internet tesla eye protection

I used different items I had around or made masks with black and brass wire. It was a therapeutic experience which I hope to restart in the coming year. I actually took a 3d modelling course to assist with some designs, and crafted a scanned head mold to use for forming some of the more complicated masks. Unfortunately the wooden head is too small, but the principle is there for future work.